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Borland Jbuilder 2007 Enterprise

Accelerate Your Java Development

Borland® JBuilder® 2007 brings accelerated development tools to Eclipse, with its renowned RAD and collaborative capabilities, making development fast and reliable for Java, open source and the web.

Software development is no longer an isolated activity and Open Source has changed the way we approach development projects. Today, developers work in teams that need to collaborate across geographies and time zones. In addition, development has become highly iterative, requiring new coordinated tools and processes. Open source provides a myriad of new tools, components, and value, but it also creates a chaotic environment that makes it difficult to manage the development process and to guarantee the quality of software being developed.

JBuilder 2007

The latest JBuilder is the first application server independent enterprise class IDE built on open source Eclipse. It provides all the economic benefits of an open source platform, with the reliability of a trusted, turnkey solution provider. JBuilder 2007 is packed with new features that dramatically accelerate the complete development process; with a new visual EJB Workbench, enhanced distributed development and collaboration tools, even powerful code quality assurance features.

New in 2007, ProjectAssist dramatically reduces the time and complexity to create new team and project definitions. New TeamInsight enhances collaborative development with its centralized portal that allows team members to monitor project activity for the source code repository, track recent checkins, view quality metrics, even view live burn-down charts for project progress. Enhanced for 2007 is Optimizeit™ 2007 for Eclipse delivers memory and CPU profiling and debugging to help ensure error free code. Combined with all the features you’ve come to expect from the leader in Java IDE development, JBuilder 2007 is the first choice for Java developers worldwide.

JBuilder Enterprise 2007

JBuilder 2007 Enterprise is for enterprise development organizations that need to manage distributed teams and complex projects across multiple locations. Enterprise includes all the features of Professional plus trademark RAD advantages like a new visual EJB Workbench, ProjectAssist that dramatically reduces the time and complexity for startup of new projects, and collaborative development capabilities of TeamInsight.

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